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Lead Generation Solution

We Bring You Leads You Can Afford

Direct Mail Leads

We target neighborhoods that matter most to you.  We can Direct Mail your message for as little as 5¢ per household. Mailer

Digital Mail  Leads

We DRIVE customers to our small business site LLSave.com and bring the lead directly to you for only $5 per lead

Why Direct Mail?

– It’s the most proven “Obtrusive” advertising method. Your message is almost always handled or viewed
– It’s Cost Effective, can be as low as pennies per household
Data Driven Targeting. We only reach homes that can use your product or services

– Studies have proven Direct Mail is More Memorable than other advertising methods
– People are Still Favorable to Discounts, coupons and various incentive offers
92 Percent of Millennials say they are Influenced by Direct Mail to make purchase decisions
– On average, Direct Mail has a Better Response Rate of 4.4% compared to email marketing of just 0.12% 

Why Digital?

Digital & Social Marketing the least expensive ways to get your message into the marketplace
– Anyone can do it, although few do it correctly
– You can Reach More Potential Customers more quickly
– With Significant Consistency and commimtment is can be effective
It is Easily Measurable. You know what is working and can build on it

What We Do!

An annual survey conducted by The UPS Store found that 94 percent of Americans believe shopping at small businesses is important. And 90 percent of the people responding to The UPS Store survey believe that small businesses are important to the economy.
Our strategy is to focus on ways to help consumers support their local small business. We  do this through efficient advertising campaigns centered around incentives, special offers and a general awareness of the importance of supporting their own communities.


Direct Mail

  1. Shared mailings. We reduce mailing cost by producing a mailer that incorporates other Local small businesses

  2. We produce a large 8’5 X 11 (sheet of paper size) coupon book with easy tear out options

  3. Our story is the support of local small businesses (small business advocacy)

  4.  We don’t cram small ads together that no one can read, we use large spacing for easy consumer recognition

  5. We have cash give-a-way opportunities for customers who register to win for effective engagement 

  6. We sort by product category so consumers can quickly find their current need and fulfill it

  7. Our cover has a bold bright yellow presence to cut through the existing clutter of other direct mail items

  8. We provide relative information about small business not just ads

Digital Mail

  1. Our Goal is to bring customer to our online small local business ad section

  2. We advertise on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, direct e-mail and more

  3. We provide incentives for customer with cash give-a-ways to sign up

  4. We grow, manage and  maintain a mailing list of customers who want our mailer sent to them digitally

  5. We promote in the local community and local websites

Expense Reduction

If reducing operating expenses is your thing, and it should be, we have you covered.  Leaning Local offers you access to incredible savings on key cost items for your business. If you do NOTHING else, check how low the credit card fee rates are with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION! You will be amazed! Leaning Local Member Discount