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Local Business Lead Generation

Leaning Local is a "buy local" support group working exclusively with the locally owned, locally operated small business in the communities we serve. Our goal is to help the small independent business grow sales through our local business lead generation program in addition to reduced expenses through negotiated vendor partner offerings. We do this by offering a variety of national and local preferred vendors who offer exclusive, unbeatable deals on a number of key services small businesses use every day. In addition, we recruit consumers who want to support the local small business but to date have not had the awareness or incentive to do so. We ask them some basic information about their current and expected buying habits and ask if they could have a deal on anything today what would it be. This information is then loaded into our website and the consumer is immediately matched up with the most appropriate small business in our network. The business then contacts the consumer with an unbeatable, special Leaning Local deal.

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