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ShaMichael "Shay" Traylor
 My experience from Scarangello HVAC was great. Greg did a fine job and I would highly recommend them and Leaning Local for introduction to other local service providers in our area.

Donna Hill
 Leaning Local Brought Me More Clients

I love working with Leaning Local...not only do they deliver reliable client referrals to me, but they are easy to work with and very responsive.

They are a great resource for small, independent businesses.

- Harry Norman Realty  

Christine Doran
 We Were Shopping our Credit Card Processing Fees

Leaning Local saved us almost $15,000 in Credit Card Processing fees.

- AED Brands


Bubba O'Brien
 I was looking to have new window blinds installed in my home and as always, try to support local small business at the same time. Not always an easy task, up until now. I stumbled across Leaning Local where I was directed to a webpage that allowed me to download a coupon and get an instant discount for my project.

A few weeks later, I had my blinds installed by Bill Herder from Budget Blinds locally and saved a boatload of money at the same time.

I highly recommend Leaning Local if you really want to support your local businesses.

- Acworth Resident 

Susan McCormack
 Leaning Local is a great partner for my small business..from helping me reach new customers to promoting my business online. They even saved me $2,500 a year on my credit processing fees. I love Leaning Local and highly recommend them to any local, small business.

- My Groomer Inc